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Introducing In-Wall Speaker QPD 2016

Motorized speakers not only have a serious cool factor but the motorized design allows you to direct the sound to the sweet spot. With a flip of a switch the speaker extends and automatically retracts to a flush-mount position when the power is turned off. This 6 12 round in-ceiling speaker provides incredible sound with multi-angle dispersion from 20 30 40 or 50 angles.

The speaker connects to n amplifier or receiver with 12V output via speaker wire or Cat 5 cable and each unit is sold separately.Features. Adjusts to 25 30 40 and 50 angles. Provides high-end audio quality and high directivity generated by the tweeters. Options of install include manual control central control and digital wireless remote control. Perfect for home theaters multi-zone audio reproduction or background music. Can be used in assembly halls schools or public broadcast systemsSpecification.

  • Type 2 Way.
  • High Frequency Tweeter 0.75 19mm.
  • Low Frequency Woofer 6.5 165mm.
  • Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm.
  • Power 80W. Full Power 250W.
  • Frequency response 45 Hz 20 kHz.
  • SPL Maximum 90dB. Dispersion 109dB.
  • Dispersion Vertical 60 Horizontal 120 -6dB.
  • Dimensions 12.7 Dia. x 8.11 D in.

A Great Pairing for the Speakers


Amplifier Power: 400 Watts RMS / 700 Watts Peak
Frequency Response: 20 – 200 Hz +/- 2 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%, 400 Watts, 4 Ohm
AC Power Consumption: 0.5W standby, 60W average, 500W max.
AC Line Voltage: 100-230 VAC 50/60 Hz 5A
LFE Input: L/R Line level RCA & L/R XLR balanced
LFE Passthrough Output: L/R Line level RCA & L/R XLR balanced
Switchable Lowpass Filters: Fixed 80 Hz / Variable / No lowpass
Phase: 0-180 degrees, continuously variable
Volume control: Continuously variable / Fixed THX
Switchable LFE: Optional THX or MK EQ mode


Dimensions HxWxD: 25,8 x 17,3 x 17,8” / 656 x 440 x 453 mm
Weight: 79.3 lbs / 36 kg

X12 Subwoofer

Featured with dual Push Pull coupled long stroke 12” drivers in sealed enclosure.

Combining digital switch mode power section of 400 watt RMS, with M&K propietary analog “front-end” input stage, all designed for the legendary M&K Sound bass extension.

The M&K X12 subwoofer offer Ultra low distortion and the highest dynamic performance, as using “dual Push Pull coupled drivers” providing a total surface area most equivalent to a single 18” driver.

X12 is rewarded with “reference status” for music and movie production,and Home Theater applications.


Improving the Sound You Love

AccuEQ calibration technology reveals the true potential of your speakers by eliminating standing waves from your listening space. These acoustic peaks distort the audio image and prevent your loudspeakers from voicing the sound as their designers intended. AccuEQ lets you experience the whole sonic picture without changing your speaker system’s unique personality.

Speaker Vs. Room Characteristics

Speakers are generally measured and tuned in an acoustically “dead” chamber, free from unwanted echoes and standing waves. However, in the real world, every room suffers from echoes that can interact with and change the levels of certain frequencies due to the effect of standing waves.